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Ice Skating Rules & Venue Conditions

Ice Rink Rules

COVID-19 – please be kind and respect other people’s space at all times. Face coverings are encouraged to be worn in the rink pavilion and please use the hand sanitiser provided.

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, all skaters must make themselves aware of the following rules of the rink before going on the ice:

  1. Skating can be a hazardous activity and is entirely at your own risk
  2. Children aged 12yrs and under must be accompanied at the Ice Cube by an adult (aged 18yrs or over), and those aged 8yrs and under must be accompanied on the ice at all times by an adult
  3. Always skate in an anti-clockwise direction, unless directed otherwise by the Ice Manager
  4. Skate within your own limitations and be respectful to other skaters at all times
  5. Do not spin, jump, speed skate or skate in a way that may cause danger to others
  6. The use of bags, hoods and mobile devices are not permitted whilst on the ice
  7. The children’s penguin skating aids and available to hire on a first come first served basis and have a strict height restriction
  8. No chains of more than three skaters
  9. Never throw snow or ice, or chip or dig holes in the ice
  10. Always follow instructions given by ice marshals and stewards
  11. Please note – any skating deemed dangerous to others will not be tolerated and failure to comply with the above rules may result in you being asked to leave

We thank you for your cooperation and hope you enjoy your visit!

Venue Conditions

Entry to Ice Cube (the venue) shall constitute an acceptance of the following terms and conditions by the visitor, and implies an understanding by the visitor to observe them and other statements/directives displayed at the venue:

  • The specific rules/operational procedures for each Ice Cube attraction must be adhered to. Ice rink rules can be viewed at the venue and on the Skating Rules tab above.
  • All children aged under 13yrs must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian (18 years or over) at the Ice Cube
  • CCTV is in use with images recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and safety
  • Smoking is not permitted on/in any of the structures/rides
  • Public viewing around the rink is not permitted except by parents, guardians or carers
  • No animals permitted inside the Ice Rink Pavilion, except registered assistance dogs
  • Event stewards are there for your safety, therefore please follow their directions
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission or eject any persons for anti-social or threatening behaviour, actions likely to cause damage or injury, or failure to comply with the reasonable request of the organisers. Entry will also be refused to those that appear to be intoxicated
  • Event stewards are entitled to search visitors and their belongings. Prohibited items include but shall not be restricted to glass, cans, alcohol, laser pens, illegal substances or any items deemed to be a potential weapon or threat to public safety. Leeds City Council will not take responsibility for prohibited items
  • Recreational photography of family, friends and/or scenic views of the venue/event is permitted, except where other persons attending the event can be clearly identified as the main focus. Please therefore be respectful to other people’s privacy at all times or you may be challenged to stop and/or leave
  • No tripods or other large photography/film equipment may be used in the venue without prior written authorisation
  • Photography/filming/recordings for professional/commercial use is not permitted without prior written authorisation
  • All persons entering the venue consent to any photography, filming and recording as arranged by the organisers and/or Leeds City Council for possible future transmission or promotional purposes

These conditions are necessary for the safe operation of the event and to create a welcoming, family-friendly environment. We hope you enjoy your visit!